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When we choose what to eat or where to shop, we are also making a decision to support somebody’s project. Every action has an impact, and when it comes to business, we need to acknowledge that our purchase is stimulating the continuity of an idea, its production cycle and the people behind it.

‘The Samambaia’ is consciously curated to offer ethically sourced products. We want to portray South American culture, celebrate its tradition and techniques by introducing talented artisans and noble authentic materials.

The brands included in our catalog were selected because of their social impact. All of them present responsibly sourced products with a unique design, using local materials.

The PP, handmade leather bags and accessories, encourages social transformation working with the surplus leather of the footwear industry in the purest form: raw and finished with thread, in a sustainable process. Using these leather skins, they do not create a new demand for material and avoid the growth of toxic waste for nature.

The pieces are all cut by hand in their Porto Alegre workshop, where clients can check up on the creative process and get to know the people working happily in the project. Every piece comes from a different remnant, making it unrepeatable.

Crique Caiçara is a homeware brand manufactured by artisans living in Juréia-Itatins Ecological Station (Sao Paulo) and inspired by flora and fauna of the place.

All pieces are carefully sculpted and painted by hand, one by one, using old techniques of woodwork and notching. They are made out of ‘Caixeta,’ a native wood from the Atlantic Forest and painted with water-based pigments, in order to reduce the environmental impact.

Crique Caiçara’s mission is to generate alternatives for the improvement of life in the ecological station and to rescue and spread the wealth of the traditional Caiçara culture.

Those are just two of many brands that you can find on our site. Whether it is gemstones, wood or leather, in ‘The Samambaia’ we work to support those with a positive social and environmental impact. And we invite our customers to be conscious and ask themselves who is behind a brand and what purpose does it pursue.